Myaha Tovar

Myaha Tovar, a 2015 Millard South graduate, has truly appreciated the help from her friends at Avenue Scholars Foundation — whether that be mentoring support, career advice, or financial aide in the form of a scholarship. Avenue Scholars helped Tovar get on the fast path to a career in nursing at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, starting with obtaining her CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) certificate as a high school senior.

“I would still be on the same path [without the Avenue Scholars program], but it would have been a lot more stressful.”

In May, she will have an Associate’s Degree in Nursing from Metropolitan Community College.

“Avenue Scholars provided a good transition from the high school mindset to the college mindset,” she said. “You get an experience with higher education before you ever step into the [MCC] building.”

During the past two years, while simultaneously taking classes at MCC, Tovar has worked as a “patient care tech” at UNMC. Once she has her Associate’s Degree, her continuing education will “roll right into the bachelor’s degree program (in Nursing) in August at UNMC.” Tovar says obtaining the bachelor’s degree is a requirement before she becomes a “nurse on the floor” in the neurology unit. The help along the way has not gone unnoticed.

“With Avenue Scholars, I have a whole group of people behind me who always know what’s going on in my life. That’s kinda cool,” Tovar says.