Carlos Jeronimo Ramirez

Carlos Jeronimo Ramirez, a 2016 Omaha Bryan graduate, is already building an impressive resume in the construction management industry — well ahead of obtaining his Associate Degree in Construction Management this May.

During his high school summers Ramirez roofed houses, working for Absolute Construction, A&P, and Apple Roofing. Now, as a paid intern for Legacy Homes, he is honing his skills in framing, demolition, and other facets of home or residential construction.

“Carlos has been a pleasure to have around,” said Doug Larson, a Legacy Homes builder. “It’s not just here. He has been utilized all over town for work in single frame and in [multi-family dwellings] row houses. Recently, I gave him the responsibility of checking and preparing the framing and seals for inspection. He passed with flying colors. Not many get passed on first inspection.”

Ramirez is focused on a career in construction management.

“I have done all the work — roofing, framing, demolition — in the field,” he said. “I want to get more into the computer end, the management. I want to handle the work of dealing with subcontractors and contractors.”

Ramirez has already overcome much adversity to achieve this level of success by age 20. He and two older sisters were living by themselves in a small village in Mexico before an uncle helped them travel to Omaha to live with their mother. Hard work and motivation have driven him to quickly learn to “speak, write, and understand” the English language.

“It’s huge,” Ramirez said. “I am always working on my goals for a better future.”

The Avenue Horatio Alger Career Scholarship has also been key.

“I actually was not sure of going to college,” he says. “But I was ready to take advantage of the great opportunity [the scholarship].”

Ramirez’s long-range goal is to own and manage his own construction business.