Adriana Chavez-Perez

“They don’t let you stop!”

For Adriana Chavez-Perez, that never-give-up attitude instilled in her through Avenue Scholars Foundation staff has been the key factor in her rise to a full-time, good salary position at Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Chavez-Perez was promoted to Coordination of Benefits Specialist, a position that provides a $35,000 salary. She says her ASF High School and Postsecondary Career Coaches and Student Support Coordinator gave her the push she needed to succeed.

“I always received a lot of support, especially when I had a baby. The whole Foundation, in general, is a lot about support and guidance.
They really make sure you get where you want to be. They don’t let you stop. They don’t let you give up. It’s been amazing to me.”

“I really like the job I have now; it’s thanks to the program and their [connections] to so many organizations,” she said. “It’s helped me a lot with my daughter. I can raise her on my own without any help.”