Our Program

At Avenue Scholars Foundation, we prepare students for high demand careers that require an associate degree or less.

Junior Year

  • Take the Avenue Scholars class.
  • Explore career options and your own strengths.
  • Create a written plan for your future.
  • Become a stronger student and employee.
  • Find part-time work.
  • Work with your Avenue Scholars Career Coaches to solve problems.

Senior Year

  • Take the Avenue Scholars class.
  • Take career classes at Metropolitan Community College or in your high school.
  • Apply for the Horatio Alger Career Scholarship.
  • Apply for financial aid (FAFSA).
  • Graduate from high school.

Career Preparation

After high school, prepare for your career:

Metropolitan Community College Option:

  • Enroll in one of the approved career programs at MCC.
  • Receive tuition assistance from Metropolitan Community College.
  • Or receive the all expenses paid Horatio Alger Career Scholarship.
  • Live on the UNO campus, at home, or on your own. (Application/Selection process required.)
  • Work with Avenue Scholars Career Coaches and MCC Navigators to ensure success.

Straight to Work Option:

  • Participate in career readiness program.
  • Get career training specific to your career goals.
  • Find part-time work and internships.
  • Work with Avenue Scholars Career Coaches to ensure success.


  • Get help finding and keeping a job you love.
  • Make a good salary.
  • Live on your own.
  • Continue to work with your Career Coaches to succeed in the adult world.
  • Health Services

    Nursing • Phlebotomy • EMT
    Medical Assisting • Dental Assisting

    CHI • Children’s Hospital
    Methodist • QLI

  • Business & Office Processes

    Bank Teller • Office Management
    Hospitality • Customer Service • Sales

    Blue Cross Blue Shield • Physician’s Mutual
    Wells Fargo • American National Bank
    Security National Bank • Avenue Scholars

  • Information Technology

    Programming • Website Development & Support • Network Tech • Security Specialist

    Buildertrend Solutions • CQuence
    First National Bank • Flywheel

  • Auto Tech & Transportation

    Collision Tech • CDL Trucking • Auto Tech • Diesel Service • Mechanic

    Baxter Auto • Beardmore Auto • Woodhouse Auto • Omaha Trucking • Werner Trucking

  • Trades, Manufacturing & Builders

    Plumbing • Welding • HVAC • Electrical Construction

    Builders of the Future • Millard Lumber • Paxton Vierling Steel • Union Pacific • Valmont

  • Avenue Scholars Students
    Part-Time Employment

    High School 66%

    January 2018: 64%
    April 2018: 67%
    November 2018: 62%
    February 2019: 70%

    Post-Secondary 89%

    January 2018: 87%
    April 2018: 91%
    November 2018: 90%
    February 2019: 87%

    In 2016, ASF students exceeding the 53.2% national employment rate for 16-to-24
    year-olds measured by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in July of that year.

  • 2018 Avenue Scholars High School
    Graduation Rate

    Omaha Benson: 100%
    Omaha Bryan: 100%
    Omaha North:100%
    Omaha Northwest: 100%
    Omaha South: 95%

    Millard South: 100%
    Ralston: 95%
    Papillion La Vista: 85%
    Initial ASF Students began
    as Juniors in Fall of 2016



Avenue Scholars aspires for each student it serves to complete our program having satisfied the following guarantees:

A committed Avenue Scholars participant graduates from high school, completes relevant career education or training, and is goal oriented toward an Avenue Scholars-approved pathway.

Work Experience
A committed Avenue Scholars participant demonstrates a successful work history (standard of 150 hours of part-time employment for high school students, and $1,500 earned annually from part-time employment in a career-related field for students at the postsecondary level).

Work-Ready Skills
A committed Avenue Scholars participant demonstrates work-ready habits and skills, including responsibility, work ethic, communication, positive attitude, professionalism, teamwork, and problem solving.

A committed Avenue Scholars participant demonstrates consistent attendance at school, work, and program engagements.

Financial & Personal Well-being
A committed Avenue Scholars participant demonstrates the ability to:

  1. Overcome barriers to employment, financial, physical, and mental well-being.
  2. Access community resources and services when necessary.


Avenue Scholars provides additional support services to students at the high school, college and career level. Students are served by a full-time counselor who provides assistance through short-term counseling, crisis intervention, problem solving, navigation of the child welfare system and juvenile courts, connection to community resources, and small group experiences. Our counseling staff is available to meet with students in their high school or college, in office, or conduct home visits when requested. Avenue Scholars works in collaboration with all school guidance offices and personnel. The counseling staff at Avenue Scholars is trained and licensed in mental health counseling and works with individual students and their families as needed. If you are interested in learning more about these services or have questions, please contact our Director of Student Support Kelly Bernadt at (402) 991-5471.

Groups Facilitated by Avenue Scholars:

Flourish is a group that was developed to meet educational and support needs of Avenue Scholars female students in regard to social issues and concerns, addressing topics such as women’s health and wellness, unhealthy and/or violent relationships, substance abuse, body image and self-esteem deficits. The goal of Flourish is to empower our female students to make positive and healthy choices that will aid them in meeting their social, academic and career goals.

Men of Standard is the fellowship group of Avenue Scholars dedicated to the male students and staff members. The group meets for food and fellowship, attends community events and enjoys each other’s company around a “dinner table” type atmosphere, discussing issues related to healthy relationships, personal health and wellness, drug and alcohol awareness and distraction control.

EMPOWER was designed to educate students about healthy coping skills, problem solving, and to connect students to peer support, and is available to all Avenue Scholars students. This group is available for students who are referred to the counseling staff by an Avenue Scholars staff member, who identifies them as needing additional support in collaboration with the Avenue Scholars curriculum and program experiences.


Avenue Scholars, Metropolitan Community College, and area businesses are working toward a common goal. Together, we’re guiding committed students of hope and need from high school, through postsecondary education/training, and into high-demand careers.

We’re looking for businesses in high-demand career areas, such as healthcare, information technology, advanced manufacturing, welding, electrical, automotive technology, culinary arts, and other skilled trades, to join our effort by providing career exploration, preparation, and placement opportunities for Avenue Scholars participants. You’ll benefit by having highly motivated, ready-to-work young adults in your workplace while giving them a crucial career-building opportunity. For more information, email Ana Lopez Shalla at


The primary metric by which Avenue Scholars evaluates its program is the number of students who enter full-time employment in a financially-sustaining career path. Avenue Scholars evaluates the success of its ‘Alums’ at career entry based on the five factors listed below.

Alum Success Metrics:

  1. Income – Making at or above 150% of the minimum wage ($13.50/hour).
  2. Working full time (30+ hours per week).
  3. Access to health insurance benefits.
  4. Job alignment with the student’s industry area of focus.
  5. Opportunity for upward mobility.

Our Partners

  • CIT




  • Woodhouse

    Ameristar Council Bluffs


    CHI Health

  • United Parcel Service

    Union Pacific

    Lamp Rynearson

    Builders of the Future

  • Owen Industries

    Nebraska Department of Correctional Services

    Security National Bank

    Boys Town

  • Legacy Homes

    Metropolitan Community College

    Dorothy B Davis Foundation

    Horatio Alger Association

  • Boyd Jones Construction

    Mutual of Omaha

    Five Nines

    PVS Metals

  • Gallup

    Teammates Nebraska

    Dream It Do It Nebraska

    Surdell and Partners

  • Nebraska Methodist College

    Business Ethics Alliance

    Mammel Foundation

    Robert B Daugherty Foundation

  • William & Ruth Scott Family Foundation

    Peter Kiewit Foundation

    QLI Tri-Dimensional Rehab

    Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce

  • Carstar Auto Body Repair Experts

    Urban League of Nebraska

    Omaha Prime

    Nebraska Children and Families Foundation

  • Ralston High School

    Omaha North High School

    Millard South High School

    College Possible

  • IBEW International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

    City Sprouts

    Northwest High School

    William Jennings Bryan High School

  • Partnership 4 Kids

    Children's Hospital & Medical Center

    Nebraska Department of Labor

    Pheasant Bonanza

  • University of Nebraska Omaha

    Boys & Girls Club of the Midlands

    Nebraska Medicine

    Wells Fargo

  • Hilton Omaha

    University of Nebraska Medical Center

    BlueCross BlueShield Nebraska

    Mutual of Omaha Bank